Colorado Pure Hemp

Federal bans on vaping make this no longer a viable option for many, while tobacco continues to prove detrimental to health. You are a smoker, so what do you do?
The Hemp Smokable Stick is the perfect solution, offering not only the satisfaction of the smoking experience, but it is possible that there is real and true health benefit to the hemp experience.

Made of 100 percent, USA grown hemp from Colorado, Oregon and Southern Nevada, where some of the best hemp strains are grown, in the natural sun and watered by some of the most majestic natural water sources in the country, we believe our hemp stick will deliver the unexpected in quality!

Rich in phyto-cannabinoids, our product is carefully selected first from the farm. We look for the richest available plant material from the most responsible hemp farmers, then processed in a traditional tobacco method using the best available rolling papers and fibers and inserting a carefully selected filter that is safe, and smooth. Our hemp material is derived from the most robust strains so that the full spectrum of cannabinoids (over 113) is present, including CBN, CBG, CBD, and the activating terpenes, all the while ensuring the breeds are compliant and do not exceed the .3% compliance requirement by law.

We have traveled the entire country to source the best available organically grown hemp for our products and we stand behind the quality and safety of our product. We do not source material that has been grown with pesticides or chemicals in any way, and we third party test our products to ensure compliance and legal operating standards as issued by the Farm Bill of 2014 and The Farm Bill of 2018.